Pon Your Tone the music collective under the direction of Dipha Barus, has been serving all music enthusiasts with a wide array of pop music. The beats are all catchy and a defo earworm once we listen to them. To the frontman of Pon Your Tone, Dipha Barus, music is the essential zest in his life. He’d spend hours in the studio, creating new sounds, listening to new songs, and then producing a series of fine tunes sung by local musicians.


With many aspiring artists under PYT, last year Dipha also decided to launch his first ever hip-hop collaboration Decide with Ramengvrl, A. Nayaka, and 26-year-old rapper Matter Mos. Fadil, who goes by the pseudonym Matter Mos, has been actively involved in Indonesian hiphop scene since 3 years ago. Famous for his bilingual flowy rap, Matter Mos consistently showcases his interest in music industry through his social media accounts.

A-Nayaka-Futurepublic-Lineup Matter-Mos-Futurepublic-Lineup Monica-Karina-Futurepublic-Lineup

Another new young aspiring Indonesian artist under Pon Your Tone, is Monica Karina. Though young, this 23-year-old singer launched her first ever collaboration with Dipha Barus, Money Honey (Count me in) in early 2018. Recently, Monica Karina launched her single, still collaborating with Dipha Barus, titled Skin to Skin became a hit with a total of 1.178.013 listeners – with 351.125 listeners on monthly basis. The song tells the story of desires we feel when we fall in love and the approach to the lyrics are about a smoothing rhymes:
“I know you got all your sorrow
But no, don’t tell me te amo
Go slow, fall into the intro
Down low, come tell me te quiero”

The good news is you can watch all of these talented artists on February 23rd, 2019 at FutuRepublic. Check out Futurepublic's artist lineup and make sure to book your tix now!