It’s not just about the D-day, but it’s also to highlight the months and weeks prior to the event. #roadtofuturepublic aims just that on February 17th, 2019.

Gathering creative minds in one day to discuss further about creative industry, fashion & lifestyle, music, movie, and street culture with a group of selective key opinion leaders based on each related background.

Will be held for 1 day only, the seats are limited, so make sure you book the tickets. Better yet, book them together with your friends to find out more about what the creative industry is all about.

Our objectives are to introduce FutuRepublic to the communities, music lovers, fashion & art enthusiasts. So that we could build engagement with the communities, creativepreneurs, music lovers, fashion & art enthusiasts, and the target market of FutuRepublic itself. Furthermore, we also would like to create the pre-event hype by showcasing some of the local artists.

From creative industry, movie production, music making, fashion & lifestyle, to street culture, each of them will discuss about ideas, movements, signatures, processes – from identification to innovation, key factors, and gaining engagements out of it.

Stay tuned to find out the speakers, and don't forget to book your ticket!