As technology rapidly develops, many people have now gained access to the world wide web. In doing so, creating culture and habit that are heavily influenced to this rapid development. Culture in this context contributes massively to trends from different backgrounds. What becomes the biggest influence so far is the music industry. Indonesia is vastly known to have no shortage of a wide array of music festivals, from rock, EDM-based, jazz, to pop. It’s not just a platform to see their favorite artists, but also an event to express their fashion sense.

Tracing back to big events in the US that started it all, mixing fashion and music is Coachella. We see on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and online media are all these models, reality show stars, celebgrams, vloggers, and many of today’s influential people rocking their best signature style during the 3 days music event. The two, fashion and music, seems to very much in correlation. But, different music genre festival, different #ootd.

Every living millennials know Coachella. Held annually at Empire Polo Club in California, Colorado Desert, the event features artists from many genres of music such as rock, indie, hip hop, EDM, pop also not to forget, the uber-cool art installations and sculptures. Coachella is identicical to boho hippie style where people were seen wearing floral dress, daisy dukes, crochet outfit, brown suede cowboy hat, flower crown and many more to match with the desert-based venue and to help them cope with the heat.

Moving on to Japan in Fuji Rock, one of the largest and most recognized music festivals in Asia. Fuji Rock showcases rock and electronic music, but more than just a music festival, they also offer camping packages for visitors. In terms of fashion, people usually dress funky in this event. Since it usually happens in the summer, people wear comfortable summer clothes, matches with dungarees and summer bright colors. They also wear boots and sometimes bring their colorful raincoat in case of rain.

What about the five days music festival that is Glastonbury Festival? A contemporary festival located near Pilton, Somerset, England. They present not only contemporary music but also dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other form of arts. Glastonbury is like the Coachella version of England, where lots of A-listers were seen wearing boots, comfortable clothes such as jumpers, cargo pants, sundresses, fedora hats, tartan jackets and a simple backpack or satchel bags. Most of them say that they choose to dress comfortably for Glastonbury since it’s inspired by the hippies, countercultures, and free festival movements.

From the US, Japan, and England, now we’re heading back to Indonesia. Save the date on February 2019 as The F Thing will present a new, upcoming music festival of the year. Combining the idea of fashion, art and music, the festival embraces hip hop as its core, while also features pop and indie tunes. Leading global scale artists are expected to perform at this event. Not to be missed is the One Day Mall concept, where vendors from The F Thing will present their clothes on the prepared spot so visitors can experience the fun euphoria of mixing shopping and dancing simultaneously.

For this event, we’d like to highly recommend you the following must have outfits. Possible tops for women:

Bottoms option for women:


The It outer for the occasion:

As for men, here are our top picks:

Attributes, attributes, attributes:

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