Being one of the heirs to the biggest media group in Southeast Asia, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo spreads the realm of her work to fashion e-commerce, The F Thing. But as a part of MNC Group, content has always been in its DNA. From the initial inception of The F Thing circa September 26th, 2017, the web has been constantly evolving in terms of spreading its nature. The F Thing aims to promote the best local and international brands for the web’s target market, delivering the best online shopping experience with sleek design, mobile application, with various interesting weekly promos. Not only limited to that, but The F Thing also focuses on lifestyle content, channeled through articles and videos in their e-magazine; Letter F.   So, e-commerce – checked, digital media – checked. But that’s just a tip of the iceberg. Introducing in 2019 is The F Thing’s own biggest music event to date: FutuRepublic.

Let’s hear out The F Thing’s CEO’s thought about this festival.

So F is for FutuRepublic, kindly elaborate about the upcoming music event.
“As an enthusiast in the creative industry, we started The F Thing on the basis of wanting to be a platform to showcase great brands and talents to the world. Although the digital space is an amazing way to channel that, we understand the importance of online to offline experience and we want to explore further. Then, we decided to come up with FutuRepublic, a music and experiential festival.”

Indonesia is blooming with many music festivals so far, so how do you put FutuRepublic amidst this fast growing trend?
“Why music, you may ask? Fashion and lifestyle are part of a bigger picture. It is a part of an ecosystem of the creative industry which are all correlated. Film, art, fashion, dining and music are just to name a few, and music is one of the things that can actually bring a great number of people together as a voice. The experiential part is more towards our identity as a brand/festival. We want to be able to be a festival that bring talents, artists and brands to come together, celebrating the creative industry.”

What do you expect and hope for The F Thing’s own music festival?

“At the end of the day, we want to be a significant part to help out the growth of the creative economy and culture in Indonesia, and with FutuRepublic, we hope to be a platform where there will more and more talents, artists and brands are encouraged and empowered to be discovered and grow successfully. We also aim to educate and create a creative experience for the millennials and gen z. Hoping to inspire them, that they too can be a part and contribute to the creative economy.”